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Aromessence Neroli    

Decleor is a French line of full skin and body care products. They jumped quite early onto the aromatherapy/botanical bandwagon, and have ridden it quite successfully. They seem to have the largest distribution of any French line in the US. Their products are not cheap, but they are not wildly expensive either. Their (newly revamped) website is at

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Not on my face! Nice try, but pass the cold cream Demi-fabulous! Go ahead and spend. Mantastic! - Indispensable

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Aromessence Neroli
author: Rob | date: Feb 2001


0.5 oz





Essential Oils (Petitgrain, Neroli, Sage, Parsley, Sandalwood), Hazelnut Plant Oil.

Some boys have their poppers, others have their K. But my bullet is full of Decleor Aromessence Neroli Face Oil. Last winter, while dancing the night away, I could be counted on for that one thing if nothing else. Sure, I might sleep with your boyfriend. I might spike your drink with G just for kicks. Hell, I might even tell you to go with the blue sparkly platforms just to see you fall on your ass on the dance floor. Still, while others were stuck in a ketamine induced stupor, unable to articulate themselves, I could always be relied upon to provide peace of mind and dewy skin thanks to DeCleor. I first came across DeCleor's Aromessence Neroli Face Oil in a sample packet I received from my friend and mentor, Niall. After downing that sample vial like an airline size vial of mescaline, I quickly ran out and bought more of the stuff. What can I say? It's wonderful stuff. Probably not the best for those of you with oily skin in warmer climes but just perfect if your skin leans toward the dry side. I don't recommend using it as daily moisturizer-it's far too delightful to become routine. Instead, use it when you deserve it, say before a hot date or after a long fruitless day of shopping. The fragrance is simply wonderful and provides that nice centered feeling we so often hear others touting but always mistake for gas.



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