skin care for men on the web

This site is devoted to men's skin care. It contains product reviews and rants, personal tales of skin care transformation and growth, and lots of bitchy asides. There are plenty of sites out there covering skin care for women, but there's very little out there for us manly men who worry about whether we're combination or just oily all over.

This site is run by two gay guys, Niall and Rob, though straight guys are more than welcome to browse. If necessary, we'll send you a certificate of masculinity to present to your girlfriend if she sees this link in your history list. It'll be accompanied by a sample of Estee Lauder's Idealist Skin Refiner complex, so she'll be doubly happy.

We are not interested in shilling for skin care companies, and we don't accept advertising. Our reviews are just that - real reviews, not advertisements in drag. We'll put our faces on the line so that you don't have to, and come back from the skincare trenches with all the dirt, and no doubt a few jewels as well.

But enough about us. It's time to settle back, spritz on some toner, dab on some eye cream (computer terminals are very drying to the delicate undereye area, after all), and start reading our fabulous, completely opinionated reviews. Or, if you're having a skin problem, read our advice. It's probably wrong, but suspiciously dewey all the same.

Remember - when you're skin is top notch, it's not just good, it's Mantastic!

- Niall and Rob

PS - If you'd like to join us as a reviewer, or if you have comments on the site, wash off that deep pore mask and
drop us a line!