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Daily Refining Exfoliating Scrub    

Astara is a smaller skincare vendor, based in Colorado. They specialize in all-natural skin care that is primarily based on anti-oxidant therapy. Their website is They can be purchased on the internet at and at Their line of products is not that large, but of generally high quality.

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Daily Refining Exfoliating Scrub
author: Rob | date: Dec 2000


4 oz




Beautyhabit, Sephora


Fine Diatomaceous Earth (silica from the ocean floor); Infusion of Calendula, Basil, Chamomile, Comfrey, Linden Flower, Rose, Lavender; Aloe Vera Gel; Hawaiian Seaplant Extract; Papaya Extract; Vegetable Glycerin; Sodium P.C.A.; Tocopheryl Acetate (vitamin E); Ascorbic Acid (vitamin C); Essential oils of Pink Grapefruit, Bergamot, Tangerine, Lemon, and Lavender

About a year ago, I accompanied my good friend and skin-care mentor, Niall, to that temple of all skin care temples, Sephora. At the time, I hadn't heard of Astara but decided to throw caution (and $25) to the wind and bought the Daily Refining Scrub on the advice of one of the clerks. I was looking for an exfoliant that I could use on a semi-daily basis without running the risk of scarring or drying out my skin. And anyway, I had grown tired of that Freeman Beauty Apricot crap that made my face smell more like a cheap hippie candle than the young, fresh thing that I am. I couldn't have made a better decision. The silica-based formula is rather light in texture and contains a number of natural enzymes to help rid the face and neck of dead skin and impurities. After all, there's no need to use a thick, stony goo to get rid of dead skin. Plus, the Astara formula smells great and leaves no perfumey residue. I normally use about a quarter-sized dollop every other day and always before shaving. You'll find that your shave will go much more smoothly if you use this product beforehand. My skin tends to be a little on the dry side anyway, especially during winter or after rough sex, so I'm sure to follow it with a good quality moisturizer. The only gripe I have about this product is the packaging. It comes in a breakable glass bottle with a clumsy screw cap. Still, if your looking for a super quality face scrub at a reasonable price, this is the way to go. Astara's Daily Refining Scrub is now a part of my regular skin care regime and I will remain a loyal fan-at least until my next raise.



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