Cool Links

There're lots of great skin care sites on the web. This isn't the place to list them all. Instead, here's a very well selected list of sites we have used ourselves, and can vouch for their service and honesty. Enjoy!

General Shopping Sites

Beauty Habit (Beautyhabit) - This is a great general-purpose skin care shopping web site. Lots of interesting brands, including rareties like Biologique Recherche Paris, and great service. Highly recommended.

Beauty Door (Beautydoor). Formerly Dots2.Com. This is another great site. With lots of brands, many of them obscure or hard to find, like Matis. The service is fantastic. Highly recommended.

Marvelous You (Marvelous - This is a web site specializing in Italian skin care lines and make-up. This is a great plact to buy Erbe products.

Four Seasons Products (Four Seasons Another niche product web site. Lots of interesting and hard to find product lines, including Nuxe.

Who's The Fairest? (Who's The Fairest). A niche skin care web site specializing in hard to find Japanese product lines, such as Pola.

Visage Beauty (Visage Beauty). A web site devoted entirely to high-end skin care and make-up lines. If you want to buy Darphin or La Prairie, this is the place to go. Excellent service to boot.

Other Review Sites

The Suds Report (). This is a FABULOUS site devoted entirely to reviews of bath and shower gels. That kind of dedication we can understand. And, unlike many sites, they actually have a male reviewer to give us manly men the 411 on what's up in the shower. Highly recommended.

Cosmetics Connection ( - This is the grandmommy of skincare and makeup review sites. Created by Heather Kleinman, it contains a wealth of truly fun and informative reviews on a wide ranging set of skin care lines and makeup. A must stop on the road to beauty, male or female.

iCompact ( This is a site where surfers can post their own reviews of skincare and makeup products. There's lots of stuff here, most of it posted by women. Though there is a special review category for men's products. This site has a lot of good, very spontaneous reviews, but its advertising is extremely annoying. Sometimes it seems every click creates another pop-up window. Only for the brave!

Beauty Buzz ( - This site has a lot of fun reviews, mostly by young women, of skincare, make-up and bath products. They are quite unabashed and uncensored, and quite a lot of fun. It isn't updated as often as it used to be, which is a shame. Worth a try nevertheless.

Manufacturer Sites

Clarins ( - This is one of the best vendor web sites. Be patient with all the Active X/Flash frou frou. When you finally get to looking at products, you'll find the wealth of information amazing.

La Prairie ( - The official web site of La Prairie. You can shop from this site as well, though fulfilment is handled by Saks Fifth Avenue, and tends to take a while.

Erno Laszlo ( - One of our favorite lines has a fairly lame web site. It's disorganized, and isn't kept up to date. Not really recommended, though this is a great skin care line anyway.

Astara ( - The web site for this all-natural line of products created in the Rocky mountains. Not the best design in the world. Generally underwhelming. But you can shop from it.

Murad ( - A clunkily-designed site that explains the Murad world for you. Can also shop from here.

Origins ( - A fairly well-designed site explaining the Origins product line. Can also shop from this site.

Jack Black ( - The official website of Jack Black products. The only men's skin care product line we really like. Go for it!

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